+ Self-Compacting Concretes and Mortars

The concrete gets the shape of the mold without the application of compression. Tough mold shapes, frequent and intense reinforced regions, smooth surface appearance desired structural elements, ideal for placement and for compression fogging or vibration, not wanting self-compacting and jammed the latest technology products containing chemical additives and specially designed mixtures ... Seismic retrofit outcovers, up to the point where the pump flows reach deflected

+ Concretes and Mortars with Retarding and Accelerating Admixtures

Prolongation of outlet in accordance with site conditions or shortened according to the situation that prompted the special chemical additive mixtures

+ Concretes and Mortars with Mineral Admixtures

In order to improve certain properties of the concrete or concrete is used to impart special properties to the thin material. There are two types of inorganic mineral additives have been describedin TS & EN 206. These; - Virtually inert mineral admixtures (Type I), - Pozzolanic or stagnant fluid and mineral admixtures (Type II). Keeping the controlled low heat of hydration is required for mass casting, marine structures exposed to sulfate attack and is ideal for high-performance, environmentally-friendly formulas and structures

+ Special Concretes in Comply with Customer Specifications

According to the specifications of our customers needs or projects made ​​specifically for concrete design for theirselves

+ Classes of Concretes within TS - EN 206-1 Standards

New concrete in accordance with all environmental impacts, consistency, the largest grain diameter, concrete compressive strength and unit weight classes

+ Light Concretes and Mortars

Oven-dry mass per unit volume in the case (density), 800 kg/m3, greater than 2000 kg/m3 concrete is small ones. Lightweight concrete, the concrete used in a part or all of the aggregate as lightweight aggregate is produced. Using lightweight aggregate concrete in the construction or create air bubbles in the concrete, such as aluminum powder obtained by adding ingredients that are low-density concrete.  Correspondingly lower strength lightweight concretes have a high thermal insulation property. Density 1440 kg/m3 coefficient of thermal conductivity of a concrete approximately 0.3 W / m ° C is available.

+ Shotcretes

Tunnel revetments, slope reinforcement, steel fire element coatings, proprietary blend of special architectural practices are dry or wet. Used in such surfacial concrete application without mold like tunnel. Socket acquisition time is very short.

Polyproplen and Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

In order to improve the toughness and ductility of concrete cases where the remedy, to help cure against plastic shrinkage cracks, micro-cracks enemy of the fiber-reinforced concrete ... Industrial flooring, the tunnel shotcrete shoring

+ Colored Concretes

Architectural aesthetics of color along with the form we provide to practitioners who wish to benefit from a cosmetic solution.

+ Permeable Concretes

Yüzey drenajı için olağanüstü bir çözüm, filtre tabakaları için ideal betonlar... Otopark, spor sahaları gibi alanlarda su birikmelerini önleyici büyük bir kolaylık.

+ Injection Mortars and Grouts

Construction of dams, ground improvements in the desired specific gravity and gradation of mortar and grout.